For Purpose Law Group provides full-service legal advice and counsel to nonprofit organizations, traditional businesses and social enterprises including Benefit & Social Purpose Corporations from legal formation through specific entity filing requirements, joint ventures, subsidiary formation, commercial co-ventures, mergers & acquisitions, liability protection, governance, organizational management, and dissolutions.

Our attorneys also focus on assisting individuals and families, of all shapes and sizes, with their estate planning needs. After all, your estate is more than just the money you’ve accumulated over time… it includes your loved ones, your business interests and your philanthropic and charitable endeavors.

For Purpose Law understands your purpose… and we have the expertise and the resources to help you grow your enterprise, protect your loved ones, and flourish!



From the Blog

  • Charitable Deduction Substantiation: Redux

    “Redux”: Something “brought back.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) Back in February 2017, we posted “…a cautionary tale for everyone out there who wants to take a $65-million charitable deduction. Or a $250 deduction. Or whatever.” Follow the rules, we advised. “‘It is not exactly rocket science.’” There are......

  • How To Get Investigated by State Charity Regulators: Update

    There’s lots of advice on the internet about how to avoid unpleasant run-ins with government charity regulators. We’ve posted on that topic a few times including a recent “top 5” list. It’s especially helpful when the officials, themselves, tell you exactly what types of bad......

  • Charities in the Courtroom15: NY Goes After “Bottomfeeders”

    The New York State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, has emerged as a key leader of state officials committed to going after fraud and abuse in charities. Doing so has been a big favor to New York’s nonprofits, as it draws a high-profile distinction for the......


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