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For Purpose Law Group provides full-service legal advice and counsel to nonprofit organizations, traditional businesses and social enterprises including Benefit & Social Purpose Corporations from legal formation through specific entity filing requirements, joint ventures, subsidiary formation, commercial co-ventures, mergers & acquisitions, liability protection, governance, organizational management, exemption reinstatements and – when necessary – dissolutions.

Our attorneys also focus on assisting individuals and families, of all shapes and sizes, with their estate planning needs. After all, your estate is more than just the money you’ve accumulated over time… it includes your loved ones, your business interests and your philanthropic and charitable endeavors.

For Purpose Law understands your purpose… and we have the expertise and the resources to help you grow your enterprise, protect your loved ones, and flourish!



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  • CA Benefit Corporations: Annual Reports, Part 2

    The cornerstones of the regulatory scheme for California benefit corporations are: (1) an annual self-evaluation based on an objective third-party standard, and (2) disclosure of that assessment and other key information in an annual report. We explained in earlier posts that there is a list......

  • When Mission and Personal Philosophy Diverge

    An intriguing story bubbled up in the third week of January 2018 to grab some space in the New York Times and other important news outlets. “Trouble [had] been brewing for over a year at New York’s venerable American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and......

  • Qualifying Distributions: What About Admin Expenses?

    From time to time, the U.S. Congress undertakes a major overhaul of the federal tax code. One of those years was 1969. Before then, there was inadequate oversight of private foundations. The major changes that Congress authorized that year significantly tightened the regulatory structure that......


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