You have purpose. We have know-how.

Let’s work together to make your enterprise grow.

You have an ambitious purpose and you’re going to make a difference in the world – perhaps through starting a charitable organization or founding your business to benefit a greater constituency than just your shareholders.

Your social enterprise, whether it’s a nonprofit organization or a business, is unique and focused on bettering your community…

The legal counsel you select should be, too.

For Purpose Law Group provides full-service legal advice and counsel to nonprofit organizations, and social enterprises including Benefit & Social Purpose Corporations from legal formation through specific entity filing requirements, joint ventures, subsidiary formation, commercial co-ventures, mergers & acquisitions, liability protection, governance, organizational management, and dissolutions.

We serve regularly as Outside General Counsel for already established companies and nonprofits, ensuring purpose driven enterprises like yours have access to engaged corporate counsel – one who understands your purpose has more than a single bottom line.

With decades of combined years of experience in both the business and nonprofit sectors, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure the best possible start for your nonprofit organization or social enterprise, including California Benefit Corporations and Social Purpose Corporations.

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