Alert About Your Nonprofit’s Website

“If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.”  -- Popular idiom recognized as true by most people on Earth Now that you’ve come to grips with, and accept, that every computer on the planet is likely to be hacked sooner rather than later, and now that you understand that the new General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR) from the faraway European Union may affect you, there’s something else you need to know about - and Read More

Possible Rate Hike for Some Nonprofits’ Mail

It’s a perk for nonprofits that doesn’t get as much attention or fanfare as the tax deduction for charitable contributions, but reduced postal charges are an important aid to the success of the mission of many organizations. 501(c)(3)s use the established “preferred postal rate” schedules to make important budgetary decisions for current and upcoming fiscal periods. From time to time, the United States Postal Read More

New Chapter in U. of Louisville Foundation Saga

Last year, we wrote about the deep - self-inflicted - troubles plaguing the University of Louisville (Kentucky) Foundation.  At that time, in July 2017, The Nonprofit Quarterly wrote: “The last shoe may have dropped.” The University of Kentucky had commissioned a costly independent forensic audit covering the years 2014-2016 as well as certain earlier events. The 269-page audit report was released to the board Read More

Nonprofit Sector Featured in New Slate Series    

Slate Magazine has been a “daily magazine on the web” for over two decades. The publication describes itself as a “general-interest publication offering analysis and commentary about politics, news, business, technology, and culture” featuring a “strong editorial voice and witty take on current events.” One of Slate’s earliest projects was the Slate 60 series which featured the top-giving philanthropists in the Read More

Charitable Deduction Fixes Proposed

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) enacted last December was unlike other major overhauls of the federal tax code. Gone were the traditional months-long hearings, large number of amendments, and old-fashioned horse-trading. Instead, it was a mad dash for the finish line, with no bipartisan participation at all, and with relatively little thought and planning about what is good tax policy. Unsurprisingly, Read More

Nonprofit Insurance Needs: Common Risks

The board of directors of a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization plays a critical role in guiding it along the path to achieving its mission. Good governance, including sound fiscal planning and oversight, is a key to success, as is prudent risk management - with adequate insurance coverage custom tailored to the organization’s circumstances. For many boards, the first mistake is neglecting the matter entirely. The Read More

Rage Giving: What’s the Formula For Success?

There’s been nothing “business-as-usual” in the United States since Election Day 2016. That seismic event - although political in nature - has had a profound effect nationwide, including on sectors that are, ordinarily, non-political. It spawned a phenomenon dubbed “rage giving” (also sometimes referred to as  “rage donations” or “rage philanthropy”): a visceral reaction in the general public that unleashes a Read More

How Big is “Too Big” For a Community Foundation?

In this fourth part of a series arising out of the recently exposed travails of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, we consider the argument raised by a number of expert observers that, for a nonprofit organization, bigger is not always better. And, in the case of a community foundation, an unrelenting push to expand beyond the community from which the foundation takes its name, may be a particularly troublesome Read More

Observations About Silicon Valley Community Foundation From Outside Its Bubble

In Secrets and Lies at Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Scandal Erupts at Silicon Valley Community Foundation, we began a multi-part series on the spectacular implosion of the nation’s largest community foundation. The scandal that blew open the problems at this charity was a #MeToo tale of a toxic workplace that continued for over a decade. We continue now with a look at the findings of the independent Read More

Museum Diversity in the Spotlight

Several recent studies confirm a problem in the top leadership ranks of America’s museums: a dramatic gender and racial gap. It’s no coincidence that “[t]he demographic profile of museum board members reveals considerable ethnic and racial homogeneity along with minimal age diversity”; in other words, it’s mostly older, white guys. Two recent high-level appointments in the New York area have raised questions - Read More