More About Nonprofits and Labor Laws

In A Reminder to Nonprofit Employers, we discussed common fallacies that many nonprofit directors and staff believe; these mistaken ideas can and do cause their organizations (and them!) a boatload of trouble. First, many people associated with 501(c)(3)s focus only on federal tax-exemption laws and compliance with those complex rules and regulations. They are either unaware of - or ignore - other federal and Read More

Gender Equality (and Nonprofits): California's Bold New Law

We’ve already cautioned nonprofits to be on the alert for new laws coming on the books, from time to time, around the nation. The special status of 501(c)(3)s “lulls many boards and staff into a false sense of believing the rules that apply to regular corporations and regular workplaces don’t apply to them.” California’s “Avalanche” of New Laws The California Legislature recently ended a marathon legislative session Read More