How Many Officers Should a California Charity Have?

Especially for people who are new to the world of charities and tax exemptions, even the most basic concepts are perplexing. That includes the basic nature of the corporate structure, how it is governed, and the distinct roles (or “hats”) that various individuals perform. Particularly confusing is the perception - especially to outsiders - that one or two people are doing everything. That may well be true, but there Read More

What is an Executive Committee?

In “Lessons for Charity Governance From Sweet Briar and San Diego Opera,” we highlighted two instances in which, under the prior leadership just ousted, it was clear that a small group of insiders had dominated and overwhelmed the boards of directors almost off the proverbial cliff. So what exactly is a corporate executive committee?  Is it necessary? Is it a valuable element of governing any corporation, including a Read More

Gender-Neutral Titles for California Nonprofit Corporations

It was a wild ride for California legislators this year. They faced a daunting, packed calendar of important bills on topics ranging from right-to-die to regulation of the state’s medical marijuana program to gender pay equality. It was a race against the clock, trying to squeeze in final votes on all of the pending measures before the scheduled adjournment on September 11, 2015. In the midst of this hectic calendar, Read More