Goodwill Omaha: AG Issues Scathing Report

Back in 2016, the Omaha World-Herald ran a devastating series of articles about Goodwill Omaha, the well-known 501(c)(3) that is one of Nebraska’s biggest charities. Perhaps the most damaging element in this expose was the compensation level of the group’s top executives: They were the highest paid of Goodwill organizations in the United States at the same time that the workers of the thrift shop giant were paid Read More

Nonprofits: What's in the New Tax

In Nonprofits: Happy New  (Tax Plan) Year! , we caught up to date with a general overview of the whirlwind tax law changes proposed, adopted, and made effective by the federal government in late December 2017.   Some of the key concerns expressed by nonprofit organizations, experts, and advisers focused on the major changes to the standard deduction and to the federal estate tax which - many believe - will have a Read More

Can A Nonprofit Pay Their Workers Less Than Minimum Wage?

In a quiet corner in rural Maine, disabled workers employed by a nonprofit called Skills, Inc. spend their days “sorting items for its thrift store, cleaning area businesses, and packaging candle wicks and other goods.” The workers’ pay is “based on their determined productivity level, regardless of the state’s minimum wage.” Some earn as little as $2 to $3 an hour. This organization -- offers residential and day Read More

What’s Next for the Overtime Rules?

The new overtime rules that were set to go into effect on December 1, 2016, are a very big deal for all employers, including most nonprofits. As events have unfolded, though, these new rules have been halted - but they still loom on the horizon. All of that may change soon - and no one is sure exactly what will happen. It’s another one of the many issues that have been tossed into a big pot of uncertainty arising Read More

New EEOC Reporting Duties for Large Nonprofits

One of the signature accomplishments of the Obama Administration was the 2009 passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. So, back in January 2016, on the 7th anniversary of that landmark legislation, the President was pleased to announce a proposed new initiative of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) that will help root out instances of unfair and unequal pay.   All employers - including nonprofits Read More

When the Revenue Agent Comes Calling: Nonprofit Executive Compensation

In “When the Revenue Agent Comes Calling,” we explained that the Enron and Worldcom scandals in the early 2000’s had a profound effect on charity regulators at all levels of government. They have doubled-down on the scrutiny of 501(c)(3) organizations (and public charities, specifically) on issues of governance, organizational control, and conflict of interest as well as on compensation and financial Read More