Charities in the Courtroom: Part 2

In Charities in the Courtroom, Part 1, we explained that there’s a surprisingly broad range of legal issues that may bring a charity to the courthouse either as a plaintiff or as a defendant. These can include - for instance - disputes among or against board members, issues arising in connection with memberships, contract or real estate problems, and negligence liability. To illustrate the range of issues that may Read More

Charities in the Courtroom: Part 1

Although, occasionally, a high-profile charity scandal hits the headlines, most people are unaware that nonprofits go to court (or are summoned there by others) on a fairly regular basis. This unawareness may arise from blissful ignorance of all the laws that apply to charitable organizations - some unique to the philanthropic mission and others that apply across the board. It may arise from something vague Read More