Evaluating Nonprofit Board Practices

Engaging in the useful self-reflection that has marked the philanthropy community especially in recent years, leaders of the sector have been taking a good look at varied aspects of governance. Earlier this year, we highlighted one study by Stanford University, relying on a 2015 survey, in “Nonprofit Boards: How Effective Are They?” This report suggests that “considerable improvement” is needed for more successful Read More

Financial Irregularities Discovered? Contact Authorities

In “Charities and Embezzlement,” we relayed the direct and unequivocal advice from the California Attorney General for a charity that learns about possible embezzlement: Upon learning that an employee has embezzled funds from the charity, the directors have a legal duty to take reasonable steps to try to recover the funds and to refer the matter to the local District Attorney for possible criminal prosecution. The Read More

Corporate Governance Redesigned: A Sweet Briar College & San Diego Opera Update

 Last year, we highlighted two intriguing governance stories that captured the attention of the philanthropy community. There were certain striking similarities in these cases on opposite sides of the U.S. continent.  Each involved a prestigious community institution in which board and executive insiders strong-armed a shutdown vote on the grounds of purportedly insurmountable financial difficulties. Each was Read More