Corporate Governance: No Longer Just About Business

With the goal of closing the gender gap in corporate governance, in 2018 former Governor Jerry Brown signed into law requirements that all publicly traded corporations in California include at least one woman on their board of directors by the end of 2019. By the end of 2021, those companies that have five member boards must have at least two directors who are female. For boards with six or more directors the Read More

California Benefit Corporations: An Introduction

In recent years, the social enterprise model of business “with conscience” has been springing up all around the world. In “Social Enterprises: A Revolution Under the Radar,” we explained that California has been a leader of this emerging movement within the United States. What brought about the development of an innovative, hybrid concept of corporate structure?  Simply put, neither the traditional, for-profit nor Read More

Social Enterprises: A Revolution under the Radar

Until recently, entrepreneurs and businesses interested in being socially responsible had limited – and unsatisfactory – choices. If they set up as traditional for-profit corporations, there were serious restrictions on straying from the existing model of maximizing shareholder value. If they set up as nonprofit corporations, they endangered their tax exemptions if the primary purpose was to make money from Read More