Social Media Policy: Now, More Important Than Ever

Part of the New Year’s recommended checkup for each nonprofit is a review of existing governance policies and a plan to adopt ones that are missing. A written social media policy is often omitted from suggested governance document lists, because the explosion and huge impact of social media is so new. In an earlier post, we noted that “[s]ocial media has been described as a ‘Wild West’ that nonprofits must ‘tame.’” Read More

Back to the Wild West of Social Media: Who Owns the Accounts?

There’s a good reason why even social media experts describe this phenomenon as an “untamed wild west.” Social media is a new form of communication relayed across cutting-edge technological platforms. And the power to communicate has become more democratic: individuals, rather than just big organizations, have access to the medium as well as the message. Nonprofits - along with businesses and government - are Read More

Drafting A Social Media Policy Manual: How Hard Can It Possibly Be?

Social media has been described as a “Wild West” that nonprofits must “tame.”  That should be your first clue. The rules and regulations governing nonprofits were complicated enough before the era of online networking.  If  an organization isn’t allowed to do something in the real world, it certainly can’t do it in the virtual world.  There are just so many more ways on the digital superhighway to take a catastrophic Read More

One of those Days . . .

It was the Monday morning after a hugely successful weekend fundraiser. The executive director of the nonprofit drug-recovery facility arrived early at her office -- eager to start implementing new programs now possible because of the generosity of donors. Her mood changed abruptly, though, when a prominent local attorney called. A volunteer from the gala’s steering committee had taken it upon himself to post event Read More