You have purpose. We have know-how.

For Purpose Law Group provides full-service legal advice and counsel to nonprofit organizations, traditional businesses and social enterprises including Benefit & Social Purpose Corporations from legal formation through specific entity filing requirements, joint ventures, subsidiary formation, commercial co-ventures, mergers & acquisitions, liability protection, governance, organizational management, exemption reinstatements and – when necessary – dissolutions.

Our attorneys also focus on assisting individuals and families, of all shapes and sizes, with their estate planning needs. After all, your estate is more than just the money you’ve accumulated over time… it includes your loved ones, your business interests and your philanthropic and charitable endeavors.

For Purpose Law understands your purpose… and we have the expertise and the resources to help you grow your enterprise, protect your loved ones, and flourish!



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  • Mandatory Volunteerism: A Bad Idea All Around

    In the past few months, we’ve seen a flare-up of interest in, and government action on, an idea that has been pushed by conservative legislators and executives repeatedly over many years. It’s the proposal to require needy recipients of Medicaid to work, look for work,......

  • Patient Assistance Charity Sanctioned

    Last May, in Patient Advocacy Nonprofits’ Dark Ties to Industry, we highlighted the unfolding concerns by regulators about the unsavory ties between charities that advocate for disease sufferers and the pharmaceutical industry. Many of these 501(c)(3) organizations take substantial money from for-profit health care interests,......

  • Gender Discrimination Lawsuit at Salk Institute

    Recognized around the world as a leading scientific research center, with Nobel laureates making “groundbreaking, fundamental discoveries,” the Salk Institute for Biological Studies was founded in the 1960s by the revered developer of the polio vaccine, Dr. Jonas Salk. These distinguished researchers do their important......


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