About Us

For Purpose Law’s purpose-driven mission influences every aspect of our practice.

We not only counsel and guide social enterprises – we are one. From our initial consultations, to our office culture, to the office’s physical space (and its environmental impact) in which we choose to work, For Purpose Law is as unique as the clients we serve.

Our Culture. Our attorneys and office staff work in collaborative, team-based practice groups – with cloud-based software to ensure that no matter which team member you speak with, the advice and counsel you need will be at your fingertips. We encourage our attorneys and staff to contribute to their communities and charitable endeavors with their time, talent and financial contributions – and FPLG matches those contributions.

Our Practice. We offer a full range of transactional corporate legal services to ensure that your nonprofit, business or private foundation is in compliance with federal, state and local agencies – and that the governance guidance and contracts-related counsel you need is readily available. Moreover, we are a member of Wealth Counsel – which means our estate planning clients have access to the most legally up-to-date, professionally drafted estate documents possible.

Our Headquarters. We started our practice in San Diego, and hold fast to our roots. Our primary offices are located in the vibrant San Diego neighborhood of South Park, in a Spanish influenced bungalow built shortly after the Pan-American Exhibition of 1917. We strive to ensure that from the moment you walk in our doors, you feel like more than just a client… you are a guest in our legal “home.” If you’re lucky, you might see a toddler or two, as we have on site childcare for our employees, and include a wonderful nanny as part of our For Purpose family.

Our Satellite Offices. America is a land of innovation – and of philanthropy. Entrepreneurs, nonprofits and philanthropists are located across the country, and we seek to be of service where we are needed. Thus, we have started establishing satellite offices where we have observed the most need. Currently, we have satellite offices located in Orange County, Los Angeles and in Washington, D.C. In the next few years, we plan to also establish offices in San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver and New York.

Media Requests

Our attorneys are regular contributors and a resource for various media and industry publications. They are frequently invited to speak on industry trends, legal developments, changes to the law, and on current events.

If you would like to request additional information, please contact us at info@forpurposelaw.com to discuss your specific needs.