Author: May Harris & Linda Rosenthal

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Group Exemptions: A Primer

08:00 22 April in Blog, Nonprofit

We’ve heard a lot recently about national 501(c)(3)s with affiliates around the U.S. Some are merging with compatible, multi-chapter organizations; others are coming apart at the seams. With fundamental reorganizations come lots of tricky legal issues: ownership of the corporate name, control of assets, and personnel...


When the Revenue Agent Comes Calling

08:09 15 March in Blog, Nonprofit

Back in the early 2000’s, Enron, Worldcom, and other business scandals rocked the corporate world.  Although that wrongdoing involved huge, for-profit companies, it caught the attention of charity regulators at all levels of government. We wrote in “Written Governance Policies: Which Ones Should Nonprofits Have?” that...