Impact Security: New Charity Funding Vehicle

What are the biggest challenges for the philanthropic sector? Almost anyone’s response will include finding the money to carry out the organizational mission. There is a new product available that claims it is the first “in which a financial return might be earned through an investment in a nonprofit.” It doesn’t displace the role of the donor; instead, investor and donor coexist. The Nonprofit Times recently Read More

The Parsonage Allowance: Constitutional, Once Again

“I assume it's not just me who checks the 7th Circuit opinion pages multiple times a day to see whether the #ParsonageAllowance decision has been issued yet. I mean, everybody's checking, right?” [Tweet 1/23/19 1:58 pm @smbrsun ] In the fall of 2018, Sam Brunson sat in the federal courthouse in Chicago watching the oral argument hearing in Gaylor v. Mnuchin.  In the following months, he eagerly awaited the Read More

Don’t Let Toxic Staff Remain in Place

In 101 Biggest Mistakes Nonprofits Make and How You Can Avoid Them, Andrew Olsen, CFRE, brings together 26 other industry professionals who have combined experience of over 300 years in nonprofit organizations or the consulting firms that serve them.  They are experts in what to do for organizational success and also what not to do. Mistake #17 is “[a]llowing toxic staff to remain in place,” according to Read More

New Resource for “Keeping It Ethical”

We’re continually impressed by the scope and quality of online, free-of-charge, resources available to the philanthropic community on topics ranging from governance to fundraising rules.  As we periodically discover these gems of knowledge, we like to pass them on to you. For instance, last month we highlighted the Internal Revenue Service’s own web-based Exempt Organizations, The IRS, and YouTube (April 19, 2019) Read More

The Shocking Turmoil at the SPLC

"... UNTIL JUSTICE ROLLS DOWN LIKE WATERS AND RIGHTEOUSNESS LIKE A MIGHTY STREAM" - Martin Luther King, Jr. The announcement was stunning - and cryptic. Just below Dr. King’s stirring language on the header of the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Richard Cohen had posted a confirmation of breaking news reports that same day, March 14, 2019: “Our founder Morris Dees is no longer working at SPLC.” Read More

Why the Census is a Big Deal for Nonprofits

Article I, Section 2 mandates that there be a census taken every ten years to count everyone in each state. This is generally a low-drama process, but it's important because this count determines how the 435 districts of the House of Representatives are proportioned and how hundreds of billions of dollars of federal funds are allocated. The 2020 Census, though, is taking a high-drama turn and “shaping up to be a Read More

Getting Rid of Board Members Who Don’t Spark Joy

One of the nonprofit sector’s most prolific and entertaining bloggers, Vu Le (“voo lay”), is intrigued by the KonMari craze sweeping the nation.   Organizing guru Marie Kondo tells us all how to simplify and organize our surroundings. Her method is clean and simple: In tidying up, we should pick up an object and ask ourselves: “Does it spark joy? If not, get rid of it.”  The special appeal of the KonMari Read More

Nonprofits and the College Admissions Scandal

Few Americans would have guessed when they woke up on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, that the lead news story that day would be the FBI hauling Aunt Becky off in handcuffs. What next? Are we soon to learn that police have discovered a dead body in the backyard of the home once owned by Mr. Rogers? Information on the biggest college admissions scam in history unfolded rapidly that day. For the philanthropy community, a Read More

Tax Act Impact on Charities: New Report

In a number of posts in the last 18 months or so, we’ve reported on the fallout from the hastily adopted and not well-thought-out 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA). Most recently, in The Fringe Benefits Tax: Hope for Repeal (April 9, 2019), we told you about some possible (bipartisan) legislative action to repeal one of the provisions most disliked by the charitable sector: the new UBI tax on transportation fringe Read More

Group Exemptions: New Procedure

For the many 501(c)(3) organizations around the nation that have group - rather than individual - tax exemptions, the Internal Revenue Service has announced an important, but not widely publicized, procedural change in the annual reporting requirements. The parent - or “central” - organizations should take note of, and act on, this information immediately. Group Exemptions as Administrative Convenience A Read More