Business Succession Planning

For Purpose Law Group’s Business Succession Planning practice assists small business, closely held corporations, individuals and families throughout California in establishing a plan to ensure their business’ continuation and helping to maximize a return for the founders of the business.

For most family and closely held businesses, planning for succession is one the toughest and most critical challenge they face – so it is often overlooked or avoided. Yet succession planning can also be a great opportunity to create a multi-generational institution that carries on the founder’s mission and values long after he or she is gone.

Operating under our Business & Corporate Practice Group, our team includes includes attorneys and an accountant to provide planning services that integrate all your business interests, family estate planning goals, strategic tax needs and retirement plan objectives.

Our view of succession planning is as an investment in the future of your business. We believe the existence of a succession plan emphasizes your commitment to any business’s long-term growth, resulting in greater confidence with customers, lenders, employees and key suppliers. Our specific focus is in designing and implementing a business succession plan to preserve, protect and transfer assets before any unexpected crisis occurs demanding an immediate response to complex legal, tax, business and health care decisions.