Gifts in Kind: CA Bill Vetoed

During the whirlwind 2019 legislative session in California, lawmakers considered hundreds of bills including one that, if approved, would change the law on how charitable gifts-in-kind (GIFs) are valued for accounting purposes.  Assembly Bill 1181, backed by Democratic Attorney General Xavier Becerra, “easily passed the Assembly in the spring….” In late summer, the Senate also gave its approval by a wide margin. The Read More

Overseas Grants: Avoid Sanctions

There are desperate, continuing, needs for International humanitarian assistance; the range and scope of causes and priorities is daunting - and growing. Americans are eager to help, directly and indirectly, through existing U.S. charitable organizations or in response to crowdfunding and other emergency appeals. Many 501(c)(3)s already include international operations or reach; others may be considering Read More

New Study: A Dark Side of Corporate Philanthropy

The Washington Post in mid-January 2019 reported on a surprising new study about corporate philanthropy released a month earlier by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Five researchers examined certain ramifications of the relationship of the corporate-donor and nonprofit-donee relationship. What were they looking for? In Hall of Mirrors: Corporate Philanthropy and Strategic Advocacy, the examiners Read More

Nonprofit Data Giants Announce Merger

The name of the game in 2019 - across all sectors of the American economy - is data. For the philanthropy community, there’s a massive new data behemoth making its debut.  The new entity named “Candid” is the result of a long-planned merger of The Foundation Center and GuideStar. the two largest data and information nonprofit organizations in the United States. Candid does more than combine “vast troves of Read More

Thanks, but No Thanks (For the Donation)

Long gone are the days when a nonprofit couldn’t imagine turning down a donation - particularly a large one. In recent years, though, more and more organizations are rejecting contributions for a wide variety of legitimate reasons. Two of the most frequently cited rationales for rejecting a charitable gift are: (1) too many restrictions on how the money is to be spent; and (2) ethical issues about how the donor Read More