Food, Faith, and Fair Labor Standards: An Update

Last year, in Food, Faith, and Fair Labor Standards, we reported on a wage-and-hour lawsuit involving a church’s battle with the U.S. Department of Labor. Ohio’s Grace Cathedral had been pummeled with huge penalties for allegedly violating minimum wage and overtime rules under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. In March 2017, a federal district court upheld these FLSA penalties and awarded back wages, too, in Read More

More About Nonprofits and Labor Laws

In A Reminder to Nonprofit Employers, we discussed common fallacies that many nonprofit directors and staff believe; these mistaken ideas can and do cause their organizations (and them!) a boatload of trouble. First, many people associated with 501(c)(3)s focus only on federal tax-exemption laws and compliance with those complex rules and regulations. They are either unaware of - or ignore - other federal and Read More