Behested Payments: Critics Take Aim

09:47 02 February in Fundraising

Behest:  (first known use: 12th century England) 1. An authoritative order, command   2. An urgent prompting One imagines Sir Guy of Gisborne galloping through the Nottinghamshire countryside announcing the Sheriff's latest behest that lord and serf alike hand over their valuables forthwith; a behested payment, so...

MacArthur Announces $100-Million Contest Winner

09:14 18 January in Fundraising, Nonprofit, Private Foundations

Photo Attribution and Source: The MacArthur Foundation, What if $100-million suddenly fell out of the sky to tackle a “critical problem affecting people, a place, or the entire planet?” The folks at the International Rescue Committee and the Sesame Workshop (of  “Sesame Street” fame) will now have...