Bylaws are Sometimes Like a Decades-Old Hairstyle

Big hair, long bangs, and enough hairspray to withstand a Category 4 hurricane: The style was new and fresh in the ‘80s.  Everyone was doing it. It worked. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But walk around today with a hairdo like that, and people will snigger and stare. If only it were that easy to realize that your organization’s bylaws are outdated. Bylaws aren’t Forever The bylaws – a corporation’s Read More

We Received Your Generous Donation. Nevertheless, . . .

David and Veronda Durden were faithful members of the flock at Nevertheless Community Church in Texas.  They contributed over $22,000 in 2007. The Church happily provided the Durdens with a letter to support the charitable deductions on their 2007 tax return. But the Church’s letter didn’t include all the language required by the federal tax statute and regulations. So the Durdens lost the entire deduction - over Read More

How a Huge Donation Can Turn Into Bad News

A generous contribution: How can that be anything but great news? If the money came from a well-known financier who turned out to be a world-class swindler, it can become very bad news long after the ink has dried on the donor's check. Innocent Victims All Around Among the latest charity victims struggling in a tug-of-war between infamous Ponzi scheme operators and their hapless, defrauded investors are the Tigers Read More