Pharmaceuticals & Nonprofits: Apparently, It’s Working

It’s no longer unusual to hear ideas tossed around about “unusual businesses that are run as nonprofits. In some cases, the nonprofits solve unique problems, such as preserving video libraries. Increasingly, … nonprofits [are] stepping in to preserve local journalism.” Some [thought leaders] like Douglas Russkoff see potential for nonprofits to play a much larger role in” an economy radically restructured away Read More

History of Anonymous Giving: A Forum

A year ago, we posted To Give or Not To Give - Anonymously, That Is (March 27, 2018). With a light-hearted touch, we discussed the reasons why current-day donors choose either to give to charity with great fanfare or to conceal their identities as benefactors of certain institutions or causes. Of the two paths, the more intriguing is that of anonymity.  Why do philanthropists make this choice? The two most Read More

Foundation Law: Free Online Learning

Now, perhaps more than ever, there’s a need for more people in the philanthropy sector to learn the ins and outs of the law of nonprofit organizations. For example, funders want and need to know how they can participate in the social movements sweeping the nation. New and existing 501(c)(3)s are eager to understand what they can and cannot do in terms of advocacy along with how foundation funders can lawfully help Read More

Newest CA Sexual Harassment Laws

The annual schedule of the California Legislature is packed into a tight 8-9 months of activity with a frenzied rush in the final month. Now in his final year as governor, Democrat Jerry Brown doesn’t necessarily sign into law each and every measure passed by the overwhelming blue Senate and Assembly.   Recently, in New CA Legislature Action Affecting Nonprofits, we highlighted two of the new laws: (1) AB 2252, Read More

501(c)(3) Riches and Migrant Kids

The 2016 presidential election was a transformative event in the nation. There were unexpected and unprecedented repercussions around the nation touching people and entities generally far removed from the political fray. There was the phenomenon of “rage giving”: “a visceral reaction in the general public that unleashes a deluge of contributions to political causes as well as to nonprofit organizations. “American Read More

Alert About Your Nonprofit’s Website

“If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.”  -- Popular idiom recognized as true by most people on Earth Now that you’ve come to grips with, and accept, that every computer on the planet is likely to be hacked sooner rather than later, and now that you understand that the new General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR) from the faraway European Union may affect you, there’s something else you need to know about - and Read More

Scandal Erupts at Silicon Valley Community Foundation

In just over ten years, a new community foundation in Silicon Valley - the result of a merger of two existing organizations - grew into one of the nation’s philanthropic powerhouses. With assets totaling $13.5 billion by February 2018, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation became not only the largest community foundation in the United States but also vaulted ahead of venerable philanthropies like the Ford and Read More

Rethinking the "Scarcity Thinking" That Holds Back Nonprofits

“There are many things that hold the nonprofit sector back, not the least of which is a lack of money,” wrote Neil Edgington back in 2015, adding: “But perhaps a bigger impediment is the scarcity thinking that may actually contribute to that lack of money.” Edgington is President of Social Velocity (, a management consulting firm helping nonprofits to “greater social impact and financial Read More

Partner Mary Dowling to Present at Startup San Diego

Once a year, the San Diego startup community comes together to share progress, exchange resources, and celebrate each other. This year, Mary Dowling - a Partner at For Purpose Law Group - will be presenting on "Social Good Partnerships: How to Stay Out of Hot Water." Billed as an event for entrepreneurs, developers, designers, innovators, students, mentors, speakers and community leaders, Startup San Diego is Read More

FPLG to Present Course on Nonprofit Legal Compliance at Nonprofit Academy

The Nonprofit Academy is an award-winning partnership between the City of San Diego and The Nonprofit Institute at the University of San Diego that offers a free, two-day training program designed to strengthen the effective management and organizational capacity of nonprofits in San Diego. The goal of The Nonprofit Academy is not only to grow existing nonprofits but also to increase the quantity, quality and Read More