Social Enterprises: A Revolution under the Radar

Until recently, entrepreneurs and businesses interested in being socially responsible had limited – and unsatisfactory – choices. If they set up as traditional for-profit corporations, there were serious restrictions on straying from the existing model of maximizing shareholder value. If they set up as nonprofit corporations, they endangered their tax exemptions if the primary purpose was to make money from Read More

You Mean I Have to Pay Myself? Yup.

One of the beautiful things about forming a corporation - whether it's a normal for profit corporation or a social enterprise like a benefit or flexible purpose corporation -is that your business can elect to be taxed as something we've talked about before, an "S-Corp." Because of the favorable tax treatment, though, the IRS is always on the lookout for those businesses that take the benefit too far. Typically, an Read More

A Bit about Trademarks

Many clients ask me about whether or not they need to register their business name or newest product name as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Well, as is true with so many things legal - it depends. In the United States, common law trademark rights arise on the first use of that mark within a product category/class or geographic market. That means that if you go ahead and Read More