Controversial Dot.ORG Sale Blocked

Back in the waning days of 2019, we alerted you to a troubling development in the tech world: The regulation of the dot.ORG domain-name assignments was being removed from a nonprofit entity and sold to a for-profit group. See Your Dot ORG Domain May Soon Cost More (December 4, 2019). The secretive and highly irregular back story to this move raised blaring alarms and red flags for the tech and nonprofit worlds Read More

PILOT Pressures for Major Nonprofits

In recent years around the nation, local governments have faced critical budget shortfalls. At the same time, the need for public services and assistance has skyrocketed due, at least in part, to growing economic inequality.   Legislators and officials have tried to squeeze every possible nickel and dime out of the taxpaying base of individuals and entities. But in many localities, the biggest players and property Read More

Feds Propose Improving Grant Rules on Indirect Costs

In A New Accounting Rule: But Don’t Sleep Through This One (March 10, 2015), we first told you about a bold step by the federal government to more fully reimburse government grantees and contractors for both direct and indirect costs.  These important changes to the Uniform Guidance Rules of the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) apply to all contracts signed after December 26, 2014, that include Read More

Diversity in Nonprofits: Provocative Reading

The prestigious Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) is written “by and for social change leaders from around the world and from all sectors of society—nonprofits, foundations, business, government, and engaged citizens.”  We’re big fans of this award-winning publication of Stanford (University’s) Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society. Last year, for instance, in The “Big Bet” Social Change Movement (April Read More

Funders Urged to Step Up Support for Nonprofit Staffing

Our readers know that Vu Le (@NonprofitAF) is one of our favorite bloggers. In November 2019, he wrote an important piece reflecting on the imminent completion of his executive directorship of Seattle-based RVC , which “promotes social justice by cultivating leaders of color, strengthening organizations led by communities of color, and fostering collaboration between diverse communities.” The title of the post, Read More

A Government Retreat from Overhead Aversion

Marian Conway of The Nonprofit Quarterly says that “for nonprofits, this is a dream come true.” What is this much-anticipated gift? “The City of New York is planning to help pay indirect costs.”  Until recently, there has been a wall of resistance from donors and funders (foundation and governments) for supporting overhead items in grants and contracts. Traditionally, foundations have preferred making grants for Read More

Measuring “Impact”: New Charity Ratings Group

In the year 2019, “impact” became one of the hottest buzzwords in the nonprofit sector. But nonprofits have struggled to measure “impact.”   Just ahead of last month's Giving Tuesday event, a new ratings organization - ImpactMatters - appeared on the philanthropy scene. Whether or not this new watchdog group meets an unmet need - and, if so, whether it does the job well - is an open question.     Struggling to Read More

Four Kalamazoo Nonprofits Launch Hub ONE Collaborative

The corrosive effect of The Overhead Myth is well-known among board and staff of nonprofit organizations. We’ve written about it several times, most recently in Smashing the Overhead Myth: A Step Forward (October 24, 2019).  Simply put, there’s been a false narrative floating around for decades that a nonprofit should be judged on its effectiveness by how little it spends on overhead. But the opposite is true: Read More

Nonprofit Postal Rates: Action Alert

In September 2018, we reported the alarming news that some of the most popular postal-rate discounts long enjoyed by nonprofits may be on the chopping block. See Possible Rate Hike for Some Nonprofits’ Mail.  What was only a strong possibility back then has turned into a near-certainty now. And there’s just a short window - on or before February 3, 2020 - for the nonprofit community to act to avert or mitigate Read More

American Philanthropy: Biggest Myths

The year 2019 has been one of intense soul-searching for philanthropy. There are enormous problems that society as a whole must address. But that has led to legitimate questions on how to tackle them along with concerns about whether this nation’s philanthropic organizations, as historically and currently organized, should - or even can - take a leading role in the solutions.  As Deborah Elizabeth Finn Read More