The Dot.ORG Sale: New Developments

In Your Dot ORG Domain May Soon Cost More (December 4, 2019), we reported stunning news that sent shock waves in November 2019 through both the philanthropy and internet communities. Since then, there have been new developments.    The Origins of the Dot.ORG Domain  In the 1990’s, in the earliest days of the internet, engineers and researchers created two 501(c)(3) in California - where else? - to bring some Read More

What’s Up for Nonprofits in 2020?

It’s customary at the end of each year to take a look back at the big issues and in January of the next year to predict trends and challenges.  Coming up with those lists  - including deciding whether it will be a Top 10 or Top 5 of whatever - is surprisingly difficult. Collecting ideas and information from the lists of many experts in the philanthropy sector and reviewing the topics we’ve covered in 2019 led me Read More

Impact of the Nonprofit Sector: New Study

“Think you know everything about charitable nonprofits? Think again!”  That’s the teaser on the home page of the new micro site of the National Council of Nonprofits (NCN). It debuts an important new report:  Nonprofit Impact Matters: How America’s Charitable Nonprofits Strengthen Communities and Improve Lives. This 44-page publication, written by NCN leadership and staff, includes (at a single mouse click) “... Read More

Nonprofits and Government Activity: Stay Alert

A few years ago, Jerrold B. Binney, longtime attorney, nonprofit executive, and public-policy official, wrote a short but important article for Nonprofit Information, a website that collects resources for the nonprofit sector. In Nonprofits: Ignore Government Trends at Your Own Risk (August 29, 2017) Mr. Binney explains in clear language why all nonprofit organizations should be alert to what’s happening in Read More

Your Dot ORG Domain May Soon Cost More

As if there isn’t enough already for nonprofit organizations to juggle and worry over this holiday season as the biggest fundraising period draws to a close. Now, there’s word that the annual cost of your all-important internet “dot ORG domain” name may soon skyrocket - perhaps dramatically.  Why? There’s a drama currently unfolding involving three nonprofits that are part of the “Internet ecosystem” created by Read More

Is Your Nonprofit Ready for Hospice Care?

Some time ago, Andy Robinson, an experienced nonprofit consultant and author, attended a 501(c)(3) event that gave him a perspective different from his usual expert perch. He trained for a day as a volunteer for a local hospice.   In that setting, there are standardized guidelines and checklists to evaluate when it’s the right time for a patient’s family to help him or her make an orderly exit from life.   It Read More

Tainted Donors in a Scandal-Prone Era

“Finding funders has never been easy work,” writes The Nonprofit Quarterly’s Martin Levine in How Nonprofits Consider Donations Differently as Donor Challenges Proliferated (September 4, 2019). But it’s much harder now “... in this time of public accountability for societal malefactors and philanthropic money launderers….”      Tainted-Donor Predicament Mr. Levine describes the current tainted-donor dilemma facing Read More

Charity Fraud Awareness Push

Charity fraud is a major problem, draining enormous amounts from organizations and their beneficiaries as well as eroding trust in our sector.  In the past, we've written quite often about this worldwide problem, most particularly on the specific topics of cyber crime and insider fraud.  The week of October 21 - 25, 2019 was the second annual International Charity Fraud Awareness Week (ICFAW).  We weren't aware of Read More

Charity Conflicts, Self-Interest, and More

Along with the hordes of ghosts and goblins roaming the American landscape on Halloween were altogether too many nonprofit organizations and leaders out in plain sight committing brazen acts of chicanery and impropriety.  It’s probably no coincidence, then, that the folks at The Nonprofit Quarterly chose October 31st to launch its new Fall 2019 series on conflicts of interest and self-interest in the nonprofit Read More

Struggling to Measure Charitable Impact

For nonprofit leaders today, it’s no longer good enough to have programs and activities that are popular and apparently well-received or to have services that beneficiaries often use.  Recently, more and more funders are insisting that grant recipients demonstrate “impacts” of the funding they provide. That’s according to a recent “benchmarking survey,” Nonprofit Standards (June 2019), from BDO’s Institute for Read More