Who “Owns” Tipitina’s Foundation?

In August 2018, The Nonprofit Quarterly ran a story titled Who ‘Owns’ Your Nonprofit? It’s not a new article. Written 15 years earlier, it “remains” so much “a classic” that the editors know it’s a good idea to keep posting it from time to time because too many nonprofit boards keep getting the answer wrong. To be clear right out of the gate, the ownership issue for a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization is Read More

More Thoughts from Philanthropy Thinkers

In June, we posted Philanthropy Thought Leaders: Hot Topics to highlight just a few examples of the useful and provocative commentary popping up regularly from expert observers and leaders of our sector.  Continuing on this month - and it may turn into a regular series - we present introductory tidbits and links to a few more worthwhile articles with a “philosophical ‘big-ideas’ Read More

Move Over, GDPR: Here Comes CA’s New Data Privacy Law

Until recently, if you asked random Americans if they recognize the acronym “GDPR,” you’d get blank stares and glazed eyes in response. It’s short for “General Data Protection Regulation.” Enacted by the European Union in 2016, it went into effect right away, but the drafters included a long transition period: no active enforcement until May 25, 2018.  Beginning in the first half of 2018, people on this Read More

CA’s New Budget: Boon to Nonprofit Sector

Gavin Newsom began his term as governor of California in January 2019, having served for the previous eight years as lieutenant governor while fellow Dem, Jerry Brown, was the Golden State’s chief executive.   It’s not just the weather that’s sunnier in California than in most of the nation: Newsom inherited a massive, $22-billion, surplus along with a Democratic supermajority in both houses of the Read More

The Census (Non)Decision: What’s Next?

[7/2/19 Update: Multiple sources including the New York Times confirming that the government has sent the Census forms to the printer without the citizenship question, apparently abandoning its legal battle to include that question for the 2020 Census; also confirmed by gov't to NBC News at 2:15 pm PDT] [7/319 Update: Rapid developments as to apparent backtrack ordered by White House; district court, in emergency Read More

Thanks for Your Generosity, But … (Part 2)

The devastating fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame sparked a massive outpouring of financial support that reached $1 billion in a matter of days after the event on April 15, 2019. The fundraising drive was given a boost by immediate pledges from four French billionaires. So much money was raised in the first week or so that officials in Paris faced the unusual dilemma of having received a larger sum than French Read More

Thanks for Your Generosity, But … (Part 1)

“Everything for Notre Dame, nothing for Les Misérables”— protest sign The visual and emotional horror of watching The Cathedral of Notre Dame engulfed in flames on April 15, 2019, grabbed the attention of the world that day and for some time afterward. Media here and abroad stopped in their tracks, providing massive coverage led by the top news anchors.   The result was an immediate outpouring of philanthropic Read More

To Charge or Not to Charge: Admission Fees, That Is

Recent announcements from several cultural institutions highlight what may be a new trend around the nation to increase attendance by lowering - or eliminating - admission fees. This is a significant shift from the thinking just a year ago or so  when museums - including New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (MOMA) - chose to deal with budget problems by raising those rates. In early January 2018, the MOMA Read More

Nonprofit Comes Clean: Our Program Doesn’t Work

In the face of a problem or failure, too many charitable organizations duck and cover: hiding serious dysfunction, glossing over a disappointing result, ignoring deplorable behavior. But in November 2018 “a major development charity did something remarkable: It admitted” that a pilot program “didn’t seem to work.”  Kelsey Piper at Vox.com writes that this nonprofit's admission about its program "should be a Read More

Charity Bankruptcy: What are the Moral Considerations?

The remedy of bankruptcy is not an easy choice for any entity and -especially for a nonprofit corporation - the decision is gut-wrenching. But in some cases, it may be the only way to salvage some of the organization so that it can regroup and go on or to let it close down with as little pain as possible (to everyone concerned) under the sad circumstances. Recently, the word “bankruptcy” has become associated with Read More