Employment Law Practice

Avoiding Employment Litigation

At For Purpose Law Group, we assist nonprofit and business employers of all sizes to prepare for, discourage and oftentimes prevent employment law litigation claims. Taking proactive, preventive measures with the guidance of experienced employment law counsel can save your organization or enterprise from draining legal costs and potentially destructive litigation.

Our experienced attorneys provide employers throughout California with risk mitigation techniques, documentation assistance and management training in all areas of employment law, including:

  • Recruitment and hiring;
  • Employee handbook and workplace policy drafting and review;
  • Required notices;
  • Harassment and discrimination training;
  • Policy implementation;
  • Issue reporting and follow-up;
  • Assistance during government labor audits;
  • Employee discipline;
  • Severance and separation agreements;
  • Terminations;
  • Post-employment inquiries.

If a claim is made against your nonprofit organization or business, our Employment Litigation Practice Group is ready to assist.

Employment Law Practice Group