Litigation Business NonprofitYou didn’t establish your nonprofit organization or business thinking you would eventually be involved in litigation, but sometimes disputes do arise.

We understand that any lawsuit is something your enterprise would like to handle quickly, efficiently, and intelligently.

You probably also want to win the suit.

While we excel at aggressively arguing cases in court – and there are some cases that need to go that far – often the best outcome for our clients are obtained outside of the courtroom. Our core strategy is always to explore all of your options, including resolution of the case through mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

We will work with you to decide if or when it might be best to settle. When we see any opportunity, we’ll explore it. It may bring us fewer fees for your particular case, but we’d rather build a long term relationship with you than just pad our bottom line.

And, when a case can’t be worked out, we have the experience and the tenacity to fight for you in court.

The typical life cycle of a case:

  • pre-litigation counseling and dispute resolution;
  • pre-trial discovery and motion practice;
  • trial practice;
  • appellate advocacy;
  • enforcement of judgments and collections.

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