Nonprofit & Business

You have purpose. We have know-how.

Let’s work together to make your enterprise grow.

You have an ambitious purpose and you’re going to make a difference in the world – perhaps through starting a charitable organization or founding your business to benefit a greater constituency than just your shareholders.

Your enterprise, whether it’s a nonprofit organization or a more traditional business, is unique.

The legal counsel you select should be, too.

We serve regularly as Outside General Counsel for already established companies and nonprofits, ensuring purpose driven enterprises like yours have access to engaged corporate counsel – one who understands your purpose may have more than a single bottom line.

With decades of combined years of experience in both the business and nonprofit sectors, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure the best possible start for your enterprise.

Nonprofit Practice

At the For Purpose Law Group, we recognize that defining an organization for what it is, is better than defining it as something it is not.  We believe the term “non-profit” can be misleading … charitable organizations like yours would be better identified as “for-purpose.”

Whether your organization is just forming, or whether it is an ongoing enterprise, you are in business for one reason. You are passionate about what you do: fulfilling your charitable purpose.

For Purpose Law Group is a firm dedicated to meeting the business, tax, and regulatory needs of tax-exempt and for-purpose (nonprofit) organizations – from start-up through maturity… and while many of the needs of a nonprofit mirror those of a traditional “for profit” business, including employment and contract issues, there are distinct differences between the two structures that can become critical to a nonprofit with precious “exempt” status.

We have experience representing clientele from across the nonprofit sector, so no matter what your mission is – animal rescue, church ministry, environmental causes, educational programming, social services, museums, clinics, or arts and culture programming – we have the knowledge and expertise to help your organization flourish.

Business Practice

Newly formed corporations may be organized as traditional business entities – like domestic stock corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, etc. But California is on the leading edge of legal and regulatory changes recognizing a social shift – specifically, that companies should be able to focus on more than simple shareholder profits if they wish.

The attorneys at For Purpose Law have experience not only with the traditional business forms familiar to most entrepreneurs, but they also have significant experience forming and representing benefit corporations and social purpose corporations, and assisting existing corporations and LLCs to convert by amending their Articles, or by merging them into a current existing benefit corporation or social purpose corporation.

In addition to shareholders, the board of directors of a Benefit Corporation are able to take the environment, community, employees and suppliers into account when they make decisions. This is a significant shift from maximizing SHAREHOLDER value to maximizing STAKEHOLDER value.

Because of our expertise, we are able to help both traditional and socially conscious business owners evaluate the best corporate structure for them – ensuring this structure best reflects their goals and objectives.