Nonprofit Practice

Nonprofit Tax-Exempt Organizations Expertise

At For Purpose Law Group, we recognize that defining an organization for what it is, is better than defining it as something it is not.  We believe the term “non-profit” can be misleading … mission-driven organizations like yours would be better identified as “for-purpose.”

Your purpose could be charitable, educational, religious, literary or scientific… which are the typical purposes for a tax exempt public charity or private foundation under IRC Section 501(c)(3).

Your purpose could be to benefit a group of your members… which is a typical purpose for a tax exempt business or trade association under IRC Section 501(c)(6), or a civic organization under IRS Section 501(c)(4).

Or your purpose could be one of the myriad acceptable reasons for tax exemption under Section 501(c)(5) – 501(c)(29).

Whether your organization is just forming, or whether it is an ongoing enterprise, you are in existence for one reason. You are passionate about what you do: fulfilling your purpose… And we are a firm dedicated to meeting the business, tax, and regulatory needs of tax-exempt and for-purpose (nonprofit) organizations just like yours –  whatever your IRC Section may be – from start-up through maturity.

We have experience representing clientele from across the nonprofit sector, so no matter what your mission is – animal rescue, business, advocacy, church ministry, environmental conservation, education, social service, or arts and culture – we have the knowledge and expertise to help your organization flourish – and remain compliant.

For new organizations, we offer a cost-effective, all-inclusive flat-fee start-up package for many start-up organizations.

For organizations who simply wish to rest assured that they are in compliance with their state agencies and the Internal Revenue Service, we offer a cost-effective “annual maintenance” package that includes form 990 filing.

For all nonprofit organizations, large or small, we also offer comprehensive Outside General Counsel services, providing our clients with the power of an “in house” legal department, but at a fraction of the cost.