Our People. Our Culture.

Purpose-Driven in Everything We Do

It’s natural to feel a sense of responsibility for our community, our environment and our world. As your attorneys, we feel a duty to help you further your purpose as part of our own social responsibility.

At For Purpose Law Group, we don’t just counsel social enterprises — we are one. Our passion for great causes shines through in everything we do – from our initial consultations, to our office culture and environment, to the very legal services we provide.

What exactly do we mean? Well, for one, we offer an onsite preschool for the children of our employees. No one should ever have to choose between their professional dreams and having a family. We ensure that our employees feel valued – so that THEY can value YOU.

What does that mean for our clients? It means that we are dedicated to offering seamless, efficient and yes – friendly! – legal services. 

Our attorneys and office staff work collaboratively using cloud-based software to provide you with accurate, up-to-date legal counsel at your fingertips. We offer a full range of transactional corporate legal services to keep your nonprofit, business, or private foundation in compliance with regulatory agencies. As members of Wealth Counsel, we also give our estate planning clients access to fully updated, professionally-drafted documents.

Our primary offices are located in a vibrant San Diego neighborhood and housed in an historic building. We hope to make you feel at home.

We also encourage our attorneys and staff to contribute to charitable endeavors — and we match those contributions.

Finally, we strive to better serve our clients by establishing satellite offices in areas that need us most. 

There’s a lot more to tell about what makes our law firm unique, but we’ll leave it to you to discover. Give For Purpose Law Group a call to schedule a In-Depth Strategy Session to discuss your legal needs. We look forward to learning more about your nonprofit, business or estate planning needs.