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Focused Legal Expertise

At For Purpose Law Group, we have a mission of our own: to help nonprofits, entrepreneurs and families to reach their goals. Our passion is to help our clients plan for the future.

When you work with our legal team, you become our top priority. We will work closely with you to help you reach your objectives.

Feel free to ask us about:

    • Our comprehensive Outside General Counsel services as a cost-effective and reliable alternative to an in-house legal team. 
    • Our all-inclusive, flat-fee startup packages to help your new nonprofit organization or business start off on the right foot.
    • For nonprofits, an Annual Maintenance package to keep your organization compliance with state agencies and the Internal Revenue Service in a simple cost-efficient manner. (Includes Form 990 filing).
    • Nonprofit registrations to conduct business or to fundraise in different states to remain in compliance nationwide.
    • For estate plans, a reasonable flat-fee based on your circumstances, goals, your property and the complexity of your family situation.

Nonprofit Practice

We work primarily with all kinds of nonprofits, which are tax-exempt organizations under IRS Section 501(c), including private foundations, public charities, social welfare organizations, business leagues, labor unions, etc.

We have great respect for what you do, and we have the legal expertise required to provide knowledgeable counsel. Our seasoned lawyers have advised many organizations – of all sizes – within the nonprofit sector.

Social Enterprise Practice

Starting a new business can be exciting and stressful at the same time. It’s our job to explain your legal options, help you make strong decisions, and give you the tools to succeed in the short and long term — in other words, we’re here to alleviate some of the stress so you can focus on the excitement of building your enterprise!

If you’ve decided to set up your business to be socially conscious, and are curious about the special business structures available to you to build a social enterprise, our attorneys are well versed and experienced in setting up benefit corporations and social purpose corporations. 

Traditional Business and Corporate Practice

In addition to the various social enterprise structures, we can help establish your business as one of the more traditional business structures, too!

Whether your business is a sole proprietorship, domestic stock corporation, LLC or other entity, our knowledgeable attorneys have what you need to get started. We understand the requirements to start and operate any business entity, and we can keep on you track in areas like employment, taxation, and corporate compliance.

Estate Planning Practice

A common myth about estate planning is that it’s only for the wealthy. The truth is that anyone over the age of 18 likely has an interest in maximizing inheritances, minimizing taxes, providing for family, and protecting a legacy.

You can also use various legal tools to plan for the unexpected, like appointing someone to take care of your if you are ever incapacitated or providing for your spouse and children in case you pass away. Here are some examples of the estate planning documents and services we can help with.

Need help fulfilling your purpose?

Whether you need legal counsel for your nonprofit, business, or estate plan, For Purpose Law Group is happy to help. Call our experienced lawyers today to book an In-Depth Strategy Session to start the process of planning your next steps.