Outside General Counsel for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Corporations are required to comply with a growing number of legal, regulatory and tax reporting requirements that are difficult for nonprofit managers to monitor in addition to meeting their exempt purpose.

You need knowledgeable, proactive legal counsel – but you might not be willing or able to hire a full-time attorney to represent and protect your organization.

To gain cost-effective access to the strategic legal advice you need, consider retaining us to provide your day-to-day legal services as your Outside General Counsel.

As Outside General Counsel, we will manage the legal aspects of your organization in addition to providing value-added strategic advice, in concert with our organizational and leadership experts, to help you achieve your mission. We offer Outside General Counsel services to clients of all sizes, and customize each offering to each clients’ needs, including:

  • Governance Matters;
  • General Contracts, including Nondisclosure, Employment, and Operating Agreements;
  • Executive Compensation Surveys and Compliance;
  • Compliance Filings & Reports;
  • Amending Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation;
  • Revision of Policies & Procedures Manuals;
  • Evaluation of Fundraising Plans;
  • Planned Giving Strategies and Legal Agreements;
  • Use, and Risks, of Social Media;
  • Board and Staff Training.

With our Outside General Counsel representation, you gain a trusted legal partner who knows your organization intimately, and who will use an extensive network of contacts and resources to help your organization grow and succeed.