Probate Services

When a California property owner dies, most assets not held in a  living trust are required to be administered and distributed under court supervision as governed by the decedent’s Last Will and Testament. If there is no will, State law governs the administration and distribution. Unfortunately, this takes a great deal of time and often consumes a significant portion of the estate.

The law does not require you to hire an attorney to settle an estate, and the average simple estate can be settled without an attorney’s assistance. Nonetheless, some complications can arise that require specialized expertise to settle. Some examples are:

  • Ambiguities in the will;
  • Contested claims against the estate;
  • Unfinished contracts with the decedent;
  • Insolvent estates;
  • Claims against the estate by “hopeful” beneficiaries;
  • Substantial property given to a minor.

If you do find you need legal counsel, our Estate Planning & Probate Practice Group will work with you to administer the decedent’s estate, identify and distribute assets to the beneficiaries, and provide services for any other issues that may require the attention of a probate court.