Thanksgiving Special Offer – 10% Off Nonprofit Annual Maintenance

We are Thankful for YOU – Our Wonderful Clients!


You are doing amazing work in our communities – and we’re here to thank you!

We are offering a 10% discount on our nonprofit annual maintenance package – and only offering it to valued clients like you. To qualify for this discount, you must make a deposit no later than December 15th, 2018.

If you are typically under $50,000 in annual gross receipts, the deposit is $400.

If you are typically above $50,000 in annual gross receipts, the deposit is $500.

FY2018 Price List:

  • Organizations normally under $50,000 in annual revenue for FY2018 and less than $250,000 in assets: Total Cost $500 (with discount: $450)
  • Organizations over $50,000 but less than $200,000 in annual revenue, and assets less than $500,000 for FY2018 : $1,500 (with discount: $1,350)
  • Organizations over $200,000 in annual revenue, or with assets greater than $500,000 for FY2017 : $2,000 (with discount: $1,800)
    • Additional Schedules (aside from Schedule A, B and O which are included), if necessary: On an Hourly Basis at $200/hour, with 10% Discount.

For each of our annual maintenance clients, we will:

  • Complete your Statement of Information with the California Secretary of State, if necessary (required biennially);
  • Serve as your agent for Service of Process for 2019;
  • Prepare your annual registration with the California Attorney General (required if a 501(c)(3));
  • Prepare and electronically file your exempt organization return with the Internal Revenue Service (Form 990N, 990EZ or 990);
  • Prepare and electronically file your exempt organization return with the California Franchise Tax Board (199N, 199).

To redeem this offer, simply CLICK ON THIS LINK and pay the initial deposit of $400 or $500 (depending upon your gross receipts). We will bill you for the remainder owed after receiving your financial statements. Be sure to reference your organization in the “reference” section so we know who you are!

Thank you for all that you do for our communities! We sincerely appreciate your work, and your business.